Without wonder and insight, acting is just a business. With it, it becomes creation.

Dr Trupti Rajput Parmar, an Indian actress who followed her acting skills in Indian Cinema and Television medias, is a renowed humanitarian who works for the upliftment of underprivileged humans, deserted birds or animals and environment protection. She acted in many films, television serials, and short films across the country, along with her modeling skills. She groomed many talents in our country with her field experiences. She received many accolades for her works at state and national levels. Her works didn't just confine in front of the camera's but behind the camera also which included finance and crew management, transportation and hospitality management, data management, event management, and overall project or Production management.

The best acting is instinctive. It's not intellectual, it's not mechanical, it's instinctive.

Apart from all, she has rescued and adopted many stray dogs and feeds many homeless people, animals, and birds along with her family members through her NGO Trupti Rajput Foundation. She is an ambassador to many NGOs, organizations, and top brands and efficiently manages her time and resources to meet her dreams or targets before deadlines. Her works and commitment to chase profession and passion together have inspired many youngsters across India to think differently. She was honored with Honorary Doctorate in the field of Films, Television, Media, and Humanities considering her contributions to Indian Film and Television fields


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